Board of Trustees

The South Carolina Osteopathic Medical Society Board of Trustees, comprised of 10 members from around the state, shall transact the general business of the Society, approve the budget, and assist in maintaining the rights and privileges of the members.

Ryan Hakimi, DO, MS, FNCS, NVS

Neurocritical Care and Stroke
Greenville, SC


Tommy Lindsey, II, DO,    FACOS

Tommy Lindsey

Spartanburg, SC



Matthew Cannon, DO,    FACOFP


Family Medicine
Spartanburg, SC



Past President
Ronald Januchowski, DO, FACOFP







Family Medicine
Spartanburg, SC


John Gould, III, DO, FACP, FAAHPM 

Internal Medicine, Hospice & Palliative Care
Columbia, SC


Scott Klosterman, DO                  

Family Medicine
Spartanburg, SC


   Doralyn Jones, DO                    

 Doralyn Jones, DO


Family Medicine
Spartanburg, SC


Lindsay Tjiattas-Saleski DO, MBA, FACOEP

 Lindsay Tjiattas-Saleski

Emergency Medicine
Spartanburg, SC

Bridget Peters, DO, PhD

 Bridget Peters

Resident Trustee
Family Medicine
Sumter, SC

Jacob Vining, OMSII

 Jacob Vining, OMSII

Student Trustee

Spartanburg, SC



Appreciation is extended to Past Presidents for their leadership:

2021-2022     Ryan Hakimi, DO, MS, FNCS, NVS
2020-2021     Ronald Januchowski, DO, FACOFP
2019-2020     Adam Bruckner, DO
2018-2019     Rebecca Bowers, DO
2017-2018     Lindsay Tjiattas-Saleski, DO, MBA, FACOEP
2016-2017     Teresa Kilgore, DO, FACOI
2015-2016     Darlene Myles, DO
2014-2015     Vincent Slater, DO
2013-2014     Matthew Cannon, DO, FACOFP
2012-2013    James Hubbard, DO
2011-2012     Brian Snyder, DO
2010-2011     Jeniqua Duncan, DO, MBA
2009-2010     Dean Koukos, DO